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[APD] Re: List Vol, AGA contest and aquascaping

> Tom Barr said:
> << . . . But whatever level you might be at, generally there's someone here to
> discuss things with. No one will argue/discuss with me anymore:(
> So I move on and deal with salt water plants, research instead and hassle
> professors. Things grow, people grow and change also. So does the list.. . .
> Kind of sad.
> I've been mainly a lurker here for four years.  I have learned so much,
> thanks to the postings of Tom and other people.

I ain't bowing out. Just fewer major myths are around these days:)
Not as much to argue about that will make a significant difference.
Fewer folks to argue with me about things. I cannot even argue with Claus
from Tropica even! We both agree on too many things.

One thing folks should really start focusing on on the APD is discussing the
aquascaping issue since much of the problems that existed in the past are no
longer issues.

Although many have complained on this list about discussing
design/art/feelings/choices etc, I think it's time that some of the folks
evolved their skills. Indeed, some truly have!

This is a general list, folks can ask newbie questions, advance plant
physiology, design ideas and plant choices etc. Some don't care to talk
about certain subject, well then don't.

It's like a buffet, take what you want, leave what you don't.
But I think more discussion about aquascaping will help further the hobby.

The designs/ideas can be endless for discussions. And I think many on this
list are ready to really start working on this aspect.

So we shall see the entries for the AGA contest which ends soon!

I'll post some pore photo tips for folks again so to get the most out your
tank in it's final days leading up to the contest.

Tom Barr



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