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[APD] Dosing survey

Since there's a tap water nitrate survey floating around, I thought I'd 
start my own dosing survey. I'm interested to know what quantity of 
ferts people are adding to their aquariums - however, people usually 
refer to "mL of this" and "tsp of that" 1X, 2X, 3X week or daily and so 
on. For comparison sake, I ask those of you who could be bothered doing 
a few calculations and want to participate in this survey, to express 
the quantity of ferts added as ppm added per week. Other info such as 
dosing frequency, lighting (wpg), CO2, plant types and density, fish 
load, water change amount and frequency etc would be useful. Okay, so 
I'll start. I add:

nitrate    10ppm/week    (dosed daily)
phosphate  1.4ppm/week   (dosed daily)
potassium  12ppm/week    (dosed weekly)
iron       0.18ppm/week  (dosed daily)
magnesium  3.8ppm/week   (dosed weekly)

2.3 wpg T8 fluorescents, DIY CO2, heavily planted with cabomba, H. 
difformis, amazon swords, anubias, crypts, java fern, moss, moderate 
fish density, 50% weekly water changes (Oh, and my tap water nitrates 
and phosphates are undetectable). Current water parameters GH 8, KH 5, 
pH 7, nitrate 5-ish, phosphate 0.25ppm, iron who cares!

Okay, now it's your turn ;)

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

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