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[APD] CO2 indicator calculation

I was thinking about putting together a DIY in-tank CO2 indicator as 
described by Kevin Colin. 

However, I just want to check my calculations in regard to preparation 
of a standard solution of sodium bicarbonate.

According to Kevin, 119mg/L NaHCO3 gives pH 7 at 15ppm CO2, which 
corresponds to a KH of 5. But from my calculations (see below) a KH of 
5 is equal to 73.6mg/L NaHCO3 and 119mg/L is equal to KH 8. Have I got 
it wrong? Help would be appreciated.

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

Calculation: NaHCO3 = 73% CO3 and CaCO3 = 60% CO3
KH 5 = 89.5mg/L CaCO3 equivalent (multiply by 0.6)
     = 53.7mg/L CO3 (divide by 0.73)
     = 73.6mg/L NaHCO3

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