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[APD] Re: Volume of the List

Tom Barr said:

<< . . . But whatever level you might be at, generally there's someone here to
 discuss things with. No one will argue/discuss with me anymore:(
 So I move on and deal with salt water plants, research instead and hassle
 professors. Things grow, people grow and change also. So does the list.. . . 

Kind of sad.

I've been mainly a lurker here for four years.  I have learned so much, 
thanks to the postings of Tom and other people.  The downside is that a lot of the 
myths that I had accepted over the years have been debunked.  That can be 
painful, but my aquariums will grow better plants.

Tom is one of the stars here, and he and the other ones have helped a lot of 
newbies and others to be more successful, because of their willingness to 
share their knowledge and their patience with would-be plant enthusiasts.

When I first started posting I used to argue with Tom a little, but as I 
learned more I stopped doing that.  However, his comments on the governance of the 
great state of California and other political issues sometimes need 
amplification and I will continue to do that, as appropriate.   

It is nice to see CA replace FL at the top of the list, though.

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