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[APD] Addition to the surface scum story

I forgot to mention that I formed a very thick layer of surface scum on the
water, really thick by shutting the CO2 off.

After returning the CO2 to the tank at 30ppm, the surface scum that was
there, is now gone after _a day or two_.

IME in the past, the scum layer often stays in a tank for a long period of
time. This scum was completely gone with nothing done on my part except the
CO2 adjustments.

A)It could be that the plants leak out some lipid etc at a relatively
constant rate when CO2 stressed.

B)It could be some bacteria etc in the substrate are effected by the plant's
growth rates or the roots of the plants leak something out.

C)It could be the high Dissolved oxygen levels cause the normal layer to
dissipate much faster even when the plants are in good shape for CO2.
Say the plant had plenty of CO2, but no K+ etc.

I think A) is the most likely.
The other parameters have been left in good shape, no surface movement in
the tank, surface skimmers etc.

Tom Barr 

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