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[APD] Re: volume of the list

> In fact the presence of newbie questions has probably
> helped to move some vets away from the list -- tired of
> hearing questions about algae, for example.  That's to be
> expected.  Otoh, the tech stuff can be intimidating to the
> less experienced.

There are plenty of folks at different levels here on the list.
Some might field a newbie question, some might elucidate the underlying
principles of coloration of water in a white bucket.

But whatever level you might be at, generally there's someone here to
discuss things with. No one will argue/discuss with me anymore:(
So I move on and deal with salt water plants, research instead and hassle
professors. Things grow, people grow and change also. So does the list.

New folks become old folks and learn and fill in the gaps where others once

Tom Barr   

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