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[APD] Re: algae free tank etc

>Going non CO2.
> Substrate has one good handful of peat mixed into 2" of flourite/gravel at the
> bottom, covered by 2" of onyx with a little moon sand mixed in.  There are a
> few plant tabs down in there, too, but I think I'll go ahead and tear things
> down after the blackout anyway.

Well, sounds fine. I don't think you really need to do much to this
substrate anyway. I'd leave it, maybe skim the surface 1/2" good.

>  At least skim the onyx out and put another
> handful of peat and some tabs into it before resetting things.  Will have to
> replace some of the crypts if I'm going to get some faster growing stuff in
> the tank.  I have been thinking of tearing down the tank anyway, because it
> has a slate back that needs to be better sealed.  I lost several fish and some
> shrimp that got themselves trapped between it and the back glass.

Try cork. Also, don't remove the crypts, you can add water sprite etc and
these will shade the plants, but they should do okay under semi shaded
> Fish Load
> Currently not far from that suggested: 1 Ancistrus, 2 oto cats, 2 cory cats, a
> pair AFFs, pair of cherry barbs, 11 tetras.  Had about 9 cherry reds and 6
> Amano, but took the cherries out due to slate entrapment, and the Amanos
> jumped ship when the water level was high.  So did the bamboo shrimp I had.
> The suggestion of 2-3 SAE surprises me.  I would think the tank too small for
> even one.  It?s academic right now.  In 5 months I have never seen one
> anywhere in the 8 LFS?s I?ve regularly visited, and not one owner even knows
> what I?m talking about.  The only aquarist in the area that I know has them
> ordered them over the net.  So far I can?t justify the shipping on that.

Don't worry about them then, the Amano's are better for the tank anyway and
certainly for smaller tanks.

>  So 
> the AFF pair were supposed to take up the slack, but I can?t say that I?ve
> seen much good out of them.  I?ll be replacing the japonica shrimp when they
> become available at the LFS.

Yea, the shrimps are the best thing for your area.

> Lighting
> Several options here.  I don?t want to switch the 36w PC from the 10g, as that
> tank is doing well with that light now.  Maybe OD the NO tubes, or add another
> fixture.  Either petsupplyliquidator or ahsupply had a 13w PC that might do
> well for that.  
> James Brady
> former lurker making my contribution to list traffic

There are some Homie Depot solutions if you wish or A&H supply has
alternatives. A 40w PC light would do good.

Tom Barr 

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