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Re: [APD] Re: tapwater NO3 survey

> Charley wrote in response to Shireen's tapwater
> nitrate survey:
> >Fort Collins, CO, USA, from the "Fort Collins
> >Utilities Drinking Water Quality Report", we have:
> >
> >nitrate, ppm:
> >                   MCL:  10
> >                  MCLG:  10
> >Highest level detected:  0.138
> >                 Range:  0.13-0.138
> >        Meets standard:  Yes
> >        Typical source:  Runoff from fertilizer
> >                         septic tank leachate
> >
> >So, we're a little higher than you (10 instead of
> > 9), <snip>,

Chuck H responded:
> Actually, Charley, your water had no more than
> 0.138ppm nitrate during the testing period.  Not
> much at all.  The MCL figure of 10ppm is the
> "maximum contaminant level" allowed by Uncle Sam,
> and MCLG is the "maximum contaminant level goal,"
> which is usually the same or lower than the 
> MCL.  I think MCLG's formal definition is something
> like "the level below which no known health risks
> exist."  10ppm NO3 is the standard for potable 
> water in the US, but I don't think it's uncommon for
> some areas to be above that.  I recall trading posts
> with someone on this list that had something 
> like 50ppm in his water.

Cool! Thanks!  I didn't see any key or explanation
for those, so I dumped them all (thanks for the

So, now I need a little help with my Federal Income
Taxes.  It says I owe $1294, but it's possible I'm
reading that wrong and they *owe me* that amount.
Can you help with that?



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