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[APD] Re: Alagal taxonomy

> Hello,
> Can anyone refer me to an on-line source of good quality algae images?
> Sometimes, I am unsure whether what I think is blue-green algae is in
> fact blue-green algae. (I use BGA as an example. I'd like images of as
> many relevant algae as possible.)
> Peace,
> Matt
Matt, with almost 99.9% confidence it's BGA/Cyano in the genus Oscillitoria.
Search "blackout and or BGA/Cyano". Find the more recent post of the cure.
You'll need to add more KNO3 and do a 3 day blackout to kill what's there.
In the future, pay more attention to adding enough KNO3, the plants need
much more than algae and this BGA needs extremely little. So adding it will
favor the plants, not the BGA.

The krib and other sites(the Dallas Forth Worth group I believe have some
pics as do many other plant sites) have pics.

Typically, a detailed description is enough for me to know what it is to
genus level.

Tom Barr 

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