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Confession (was [APD] Re: too much PO4)

Roger Miller said:

> Shireen wrote:
>> Water changes done weekly at 50%. During that time, I also
>> add enough baking powder to maintain kH of 5, add amounts
>> of K2SO4 suggested by Tom, and 20ml TMG.
> Shireen, if you added baking powder rather than baking soda, then
> you  probably added phosphate to your tank.  I've only read
> ingredients on two brands of baking powder, but both contained
> phosphate.

Eekkk! My embarrassing stupid mistake has been exposed. You're
right, Roger. For a few days last week, I was adding baking
powder and wondering why my kH was not increasing.

Suddenly, I had an absolutely brilliant idea. I read the list
of ingredients on the back of the baking powder container. There
were two words that caught my attention: phosphate and acid.

After slapping myself a few times, I did a 50% water change and
added baking soda. kH went up.

The phosphate level from my stupid mistake must have been really
high because there was still a lot left after my 50% water change.
That explains the high PO4, I guess.

Geez ... now I understand. Baking powder is not the same as
Baking soda.  ;-)

- shireen

-- Shireen Gonzaga Baltimore whimbrel at comcast_net

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