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[APD] Commercial Propagation

Shireen wrote:

> As you may have noticed, I've been doing my part to boost
> list participation ...  ;-)
> I've never been to one of those places that cultivate
> aquarium plants for hobbyists. Has anyone ever visited such
> a place, and can you describe how it works -- lights,
> ferts, harvesting & propagation, etc.. And that do they
> put in their water?!

Boy Shireen, this is a big enough question for a whole article... No wait...
There IS an article coming.<g>  I had the opportunity to spend some time at
Tropica last spring, while visiting my friend, Claus Christensen.  Obviously
he'll get to check the article before it's released to make sure "trade
secrets" are not compromised.  But I think you'll get a good idea of how a
top-notch aquatic plant grower gets their product to market.  It was a
fascinating experience!

A lot of the methods Tom mentioned are part of it, although I'm surprised to
hear that Tom thinks that the U.S. manufacturer's aren't making better use
of tissue culture.  This is a HUGE part of Tropica's process.  They have an
entire building for their tissue culture lab.


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