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[APD] Phosguard

Shireen wrote:

> Has anyone tried phosguard? According to the seachem page, it
> does not leach anything into the water. I was wondering if it were
> OK to put a small amount of it in a filter bag, just enough to suck
> out a little bit of phosphates.

Phosguard works exactly as claimed, and has no negative effects except to
the pocketbook.  Theproblem is that it is an expensive short-term cure for a
chronic problem.  We have hig PO4 levels in our tap water, and I sometimes
will pre-treat water used in setting up a new tank, just to get the PO4
level low enough that I don't start with an algae farm in the first few
days. Once the tank is up and running, however, my 3ppm PO4 tap water
becomes my PO4 supplementation for the tank during water changes.  I look at
too-high phosphate levels in a tank as a reason to look at the over-all
management of the system.  You need to either increase consumption, or lower
input.  Unless this can be brought in line, you'll go broke on Phosguard.


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