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Re: [APD] tapwater NO3 survey

Shireen Gonzaga wrote:
> Hi ... can I ask, what's your tapwater NO3? It's
> just a survey
> because I curious about what others are getting.
> Here in Baltimore,
> it's almost 9ppm.  :-(
> -shireen

Fort Collins, CO, USA, from the "Fort Collins
Drinking Water Quality Report", we have:

nitrate, ppm:   
                     MCL:  10
                    MCLG:  10
  Highest level detected:  0.138
                   Range:  0.13-0.138
          Meets standard:  Yes
          Typical source:  Runoff from fertilizer use;
                           septic tank leachate

So, we're a little higher than you (10 instead of 9), 
but this is largely an agricultural region.  And, it's
offset by the fact that we have very soft water, so
I have no trouble growing most any plants, as long
as I provide adequate lighting (I never could keep 
mollies, though).


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