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Re: [APD] APD -- About Potential Demand

--- Robert H <robertph3 at comcast_net> wrote:
Robert said:

> Roger said APD should change it's topics or audience to
> accomadate
> beginners. But the truth is this forum has never EVER
> really been targeted
> to help beginners. And thats OK. People have become
> educated from this list
> and are taking their knowledge to other forums to help
> people. APD is no
> longer the only place to find experienced hobbyists. And
> thats a good thing
> too. There should never be only one act in town.

In fact the presence of newbie questions has probably
helped to move some vets away from the list -- tired of
hearing questions about algae, for example.  That's to be
expected.  Otoh, the tech stuff can be intimidating to the
less experienced.

90% of what I know about fish and plants I didn't learn in
a lfs or from many of the picture postcard books available.
 I learned from friends, genuinely informative book like
Diana Walstad's, and from folks like those on APD, Rik
Olson & TheKrib.com, George and Karla Booth's excellent web
site, the generous wisdom of Karen Randall, the patient
expertise of Roger Miller -- and many others.  One of the
things all ofhtem have in common besides planted tanks is
APD.  I think that says a heck of a lot.

Anway, one of the things I like about this list is the
broad mix of experience and questions.  I like that fact
that it has newbies, mavens, and even an alter kocher or
two ;-)

And, if you have an interesting question, please ask it :-)

Scott H.

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