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Re: [APD] RE: APD list posting volume

Robert H at robertph3 at comcast_net wrote:

> Whatever the reasons, the people who are addicted to plant discussion forums
> are going to other places where there are people, and those who are not
> addicted but long time members here are just being quiet. Meanwhile the flux
> of new people who want to learn about the hobby are going to go where they
> feel comfortable, unintimadated, and find people who can answer their
> questions. But there are also some old timers here with old computers, old
> technology that would never participate in an html type forum.

I've got a brand new G4 Mac computer with cable modem and I STILL don't like
HTML forum boards. Give me a text email list any day.

APD is like a well-aged aged substrate: sorta messy and a little smelly, but
it works good for plants.

Now pipe down, young'uns...yer clutterin up the archives. ;)

Dan Dixon

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