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[APD] APD in non-digest format

>>AND a simple click on the reply button addresses and fills in the
subject line.<<

Actually, thats not correct. Just hitting the reply button does not fill in
the right subject line, and thats a pet peeve of many people here when
others are too lazy to fill in the subject! But I am sure thats not what you

The only really slow forums that support linking to pictures are those who
have their own software on a server that cant support it and can not handle
much traffic. Those that are on a hosted server specifically for that
purpose are not slow generally. There is nothing "tricked" out about it. Its
just a different kind of forum. People can post pictures to illustrate what
they are talking about, share pictures of their own tank and fish, and
people can even show off pictures that they are having published in
magazines. You know how the AGA conference coming up is having special focus
groups? Well our forums are like focal groups, different specialized topics.
People seem to like it. Come check it out for yourself. Unless you are
running an old Commodore or 386 computer, I am willing to bet you won't find
it slow at all! :)

Roger said APD should change it's topics or audience to accomadate
beginners. But the truth is this forum has never EVER really been targeted
to help beginners. And thats OK. People have become educated from this list
and are taking their knowledge to other forums to help people. APD is no
longer the only place to find experienced hobbyists. And thats a good thing
too. There should never be only one act in town.

Robert Paul Hudson

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