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Re: [APD] List management change

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we've changed which software is managing
this list.  We are now using Mailman instead of Majordomo.

You can still post messages to the list by emailing them to
aquatic-plants at actwin_com as you always have.  However, the way you
unsubscribe is different, and you can now receive individual messages
instead of digests if you wish.
Hopefully this will be an improvement for everyone.

        -Mark Rosenstein
         Postmaster, ActWin.Com
         Editor, FINS

But you hyphenated Aquatic Plants Digest in the subject so I had to change a regex string in my mail filters. Grumble grumble ;-)

Good luck with the new system. Big changes are always sooo much fun.

        A reasonably happy ezmlm list manager... Most of the time... ;-)

***************************** Waveform Technology UNIX Systems Administrator

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