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[APD] Cheap and easy to build DIY bubble counters and CO2 reactors

A bit of rehash:

Building the bubble counters I mentioned recently:

I used 3/4" thick walled vinyl tubing and used those 1/2" PVC plugs and
pushed these into both ends of the tubing(this is a very tight seal BTW).
Drill 2 3/16" holes on the top and add one piece of rigid vinyl tubing 3-4
inches long(how ever tall you want the bubble counter) and another for the
output about 1.5" inches long, glue with PCV cement liberally.

The counter is small, light, flexible and tough. I used plastic ties to
attach to CO2 reactor and the slight flex of the vinyl 3/4" tubing makes for
a nice snug fit using these.

Cost= about 3$ for 3 of these. The PVC plugs: 0.17 cent each, Tubing, 1$ft
3/4", the rigid vinyl tubing 0.69 cent for 3 ft. PVC cement, I had some but
it's a 1-2$ or so for a little bit or you can use something close etc.
Hard to argue with something that cost less than a $.
Everything can be had at Lowes, Homei Depot etc including the DIY CO2

You add this with a DIY reactor here:


Now you are saving lots of $ and making these very easy.
Both are very effective. I built both of these items and used them with
great results on 2 tanks to see how it might work.
They are as good as anything you can buy commercially.

Tom Barr   

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