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[APD] Re: tap waters

> Hi ... can I ask, what's your tapwater NO3? It's just a survey
> because I curious about what others are getting. Here in Baltimore,
> it's almost 9ppm.  :-(
> -shireen

0.00ppm to 0.05 as N-NO3. Most places I've lived have been very low, but the
GH/KH/PO4 have varied a great deal.

Some places are higher, but even at 40ppm, the 50% water change etc(addding
20ppm to the tank), you'd still need to add it to a well run CO2 plant tank
in many cases the last couple of days before the next water change. Often,
the NO3 levels can be seasonal in many areas with surface water supplies due
to rain events/discharge etc.

You could do a 50% water change, wait ONE day, then dose the KNO3 for your
tap water. Then dose in another 2-3 days etc. Repeat. Nothing to be fretting
over:-) One day of free NO3, this is a good thing.

Tom Barr 

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