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[APD] Re: too much PO4?

> Has anyone tried phosguard? According to the seachem page, it
> does not leach anything into the water. I was wondering if it were
> OK to put a small amount of it in a filter bag, just enough to suck
> out a little bit of phosphates.
> - shireen

Shireen, FYI, I know folks that really over did the PO4 thing, I mean
10-15ppm!! I've had 2ppm or so.

No algae. But they had good CO2. The PO4 is not the problem. Short of
beating folks with a cane, I've discussed the PO4=algae issue ad nauseam.
And I think I can say still after many years, that PO4 does not cause algae.
Interestingly, I've found it to be true in non CO2 tanks as well...also in
lakes/rivers with good plant mass.

Tom Barr  

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