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[APD] Re: Compost

> There used to be a group for live-foods dunno if its been fazed out.  I
> am getting into composting and I have some red wigglers and have two
> questions.  Can anyone point me in a good direction for getting
> information on composting.  I looking for best breeding for red
> wigglers.  How to get the most worms and how to compost the quickest.
> So far I found that freezing vegetable material before I throw it in the
> compost helps it break down quicker for the worms.  I've heard that
> sticking shreaded paper above and below the compost leaves a place for
> the worms to get air and have a home.  How do you tell how much water is
> too much and how much is too little.

Generally take a good look at compost sites. Try their methods.
Worms are great for this, but fungi/bacteria do a great deal.
Take a look though, also red worm sites if raising these are your goal. I
have tons in the garden. Adding sand and other amendments will help drain
the soil/compost and allow air in, also adding profile/Turface might not be
bad either. Then you'd have traces +rich organic compost. It would allow
some air in also.  
> My next question is.. has anyone thought of using compost to fertilize
> their plant tanks.  I was thinking of taking compost and putting it in
> nylons and burring it into my substrate so the plants could be better
> fed instead of buying those fertilizer sticks.

You can but if you get compost not near the surface and unaerated, it'll be
full of NH4. Bad. If it's aerated, the bacteria will use the NH4=> NO3 which
is fine to add. Some folks have used compost in the past and manure etc.
Most are too rich unless you plan on a deep substrate, not too much
replanting, emergent growth etc.

You can freeze the compost also so it doesn't muck the water column up as
you push some pieces deep into the gravel.
Rich compost is likely too rich for tank usage. Be careful.
Composting is great. Reduces garbage! Good for plants!
Tom Barr

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