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Re: [APD] too much PO4

TRavis Kinney said:
> Sounds to me like you could increase the co2 a bit, into the
> mid 20ppm and maybe your plants will uptake the excess PO4 your
> experiencing. I don't think at this level your fish are going
> to suffer in the least.

Thanks for the suggestion, Travis. I'll try that, again, I guess.
It's just that it's so hard to tweak needle valves to give the
correct amount of CO2. Many times, the difference between CO2 of
15ppm vs. 25 ppm is a teeny tiny turn of the knob. I'm so nervous
about messing with it and putting too much CO2 in the water. In the
past week, one of my tanks went to about 40 ppm CO2 (the fish were
fine) -- I totally freaked out! That's why I was hoping to leave
the needle valve alone and try something else to remove some of the

Has anyone tried phosguard? According to the seachem page, it
does not leach anything into the water. I was wondering if it were
OK to put a small amount of it in a filter bag, just enough to suck
out a little bit of phosphates.

- shireen

-- Shireen Gonzaga Baltimore whimbrel at comcast_net

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