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[APD] Re: Why is list partcipation waning

GramFran413 at aol_com said, in part:

> If this "neophyte" may express her opinion, it's this: 
> There are times when 
> I used to get thoroughly frustrated with APD.  I don't
> have a clue as to what 
> H2O2 or KNO3 or KNO4 are and when these long-winded
> discussions using chemical 
> "symbols" rather than names came up, I'd just want to
> tear my hair out.  
> Egad, folks, I'm a grandma who's just gotten into this
> hobby in the past year or 
> two and never even took high school chemistry much less
> college level classes!  
> HOWEVER, I eventually learned that when you went off on
> those jags which I'm 
> sure were meaningful to a lot of you, I'd just skim over
> them (translation: 
> skip to the next topic).

Having poured over years and years of APD, the tech stuff
is nothing new.

It's doubtful all posts will interest all readers.  But if
there's something that looks like it might be interesting
but you'd like some part of it explained, just ask. 
There's a good chance one or more of the folks will offer
something more helpful to you.

Scott H.

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