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[APD] APD - Quanity vs Quality

IMHO the measure of a good list isnt volume. It is quality.

If forced to choose only one list to read or search or keep, it would be APD. In 1997 after a 13-year hiatus from the hobby, I checked into DejaNews aquatic groups. Then came Google and a deep need to find something better and wah lah APD. I regularly check into other lists and groups. Moderated lists are only as good as the moderators. Some moderators are superb. As for html and photos a URL works for me.

I read lists, websites, and articles in search of gems of information and pearls of wisdom and always find some and enjoy the process. Yet lists other that APD just dont have the same concise precision content. Granted, an occasional dizzily meticulous post can make my brains writhe and eyes whirl but that doesnt mean I didnt glean something from the exchange. And yes, there are a couple of posters who once in a while find it bewilderingly difficult to remember when they too were a rookie and struggling to wrap their minds around a foreign concept. But, they are a diminutive few and certainly unrepresentative of the whole.

My final analysis: for reliable aquatic plant info APD rocks.


Sharon Frey

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