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[APD] too much PO4

I've been measuring the PO4 in my 30g tank for several
days now, and getting a bit worried.

Tank is 30g.
Water changes done weekly at 50%. During that time, I also
add enough baking powder to maintain kH of 5, add amounts
of K2SO4 suggested by Tom, and 20ml TMG.

Tapwater: NO3 = 8.8 ppm, PO4 < 0.05ppm.

These measurements taken in the evening about 3 days after 50%
water change.
- pH around 7.
- Nitrates (NO3) at 13.6 ppm.
- PO4 > 1ppm (my kit does not go higher than 1ppm)
- CO2 is around 15ppm

I'm guessing the large PO4 reading are coming from fish food
and waste. I also suspect it's causing the growth of spot
algae on the tank glass and plants. (I didn't think I was
feeding them too much food. And can someone tell me how to
judge the right amount of food? Not what they can eat in
3 minutes, that does not work. My fish inhale their food in

Is it safe to use a phosphate-removing chemical (like phosguard)
in the tank to reduce the phosphate to more therapeutic levels?
Or are there other alternatives to reducing the phosphate.
What about increasing CO2? I'm very worried about doing this
because it could harm the fishies.


P.S. I realize I could get an answer if I comb through the archives. But I just don't have the time. So if this is a question that's been asked a billion times before, please forgive me.

-- Shireen Gonzaga Baltimore whimbrel at comcast_net

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