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[APD] RE: APD list posting volume

>>I think it's fairly obvious why and how APD is losing share.  The boards
Robert listed provide participants with an organized, threaded discussion
a wide range of subjects within the general field of planted aquariums, plus
easy access to other resources.<<

Thats pretty much it. I think all email list forums are dwindling. Even the
usernet has had a sharp decrease in participation. I remember when
rec.aquaria.plants had a hundred posts a day. Now its Chuck Gadd and a
handfull of other people and a dozen or so posts a day. BB forums are easy
to read and more entertaining now with html posting, pictures and a more
intimate interaction with friends. Most are moderated so there is no

You can look at all sorts of reasons for the decline in APD: the affect of
the lawsuit, the arguements, the flames, resentment, newbies vs.
intellectuals, the constant slowness of APD posts showing up on the
internet, delays in posts showing up period, or Mark's desicion to allow a
company to SPAM all the members with "email management" services".

Whatever the reasons, the people who are addicted to plant discussion forums
are going to other places where there are people, and those who are not
addicted but long time members here are just being quiet. Meanwhile the flux
of new people who want to learn about the hobby are going to go where they
feel comfortable, unintimadated, and find people who can answer their
questions. But there are also some old timers here with old computers, old
technology that would never participate in an html type forum.

Robert Paul Hudson
Visit the AB forums

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