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Brown-Tipped Val

I have a nice lucious row of spiral val whose tips keep getting brown.  It never had this problem in my lower-light tank, and it has me stumped.  Is it nutrient related?  My research has told me that a lack of potassium or copper could cause this.  I have just started adding Seachem K because I was noticing pinholes in my lotus, and I read that that might be the cause.  I also dose twice a week with a double dose of Seachem Flourish and Trace Minerals.  I have CO2 and about 3watts per gallon of light. 
  Another interesting observation is that the leaves that are directly under the lights seem to get browner quicker.   I have a power compact with 2 96watt bulbs  Is it possible that they are just being roasted?  
While I'm here - is it phosphate that will redden up my red plants?  I thought I read that in an APD post a few months ago, but I couldn't find it again.  I have a couple of red plants who could use a bit more color, and I have zero phosphates.  What is the target level for phosphates in a planted tank?

Thanks for any suggestions,
Jennifer in Austin,Texas

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