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Re: algae on plastic plants

Tom Barr wrote

"Blacking out the tanks for a few days should do the trick, you can take the
blanket/trash bag whatever you use to cover it at night to look at the
fish/feed etc and do this for a week or so. Copper sulfate works well, some
fish are sensitive to copper but even at low dosages(Perhaps silver
dollars/catfish) certainly, it should kill off most algae."

Another thought along these lines would be to buy a duplicate set of plastic
plants, if you want to stick with artificials, and that would negate the
need to black out the tank itself or add chemicals  You could put the dirty
plants into another container and black that out for a week and put the
'clean' set in the tank until they get dirty.  Keep cycling them like that.
You will then have 24/7 fish availablity and relatively clean artificial

My 2p.