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RE:APD list posting volume

>>Well after while of learning, folks know all they want or are willing to
know about keeping plant tanks. Some stick around to haggle over this or
that, some to help new folks etc.

But in the end they get what they need and move on. They are not obligated
to stay and help other new folks.<<

Well I am sure thats true. Thats true of any forum. Participation goes up
and down, regulars come and go. But look at the numbers for the whole year
and compare them to previous years. Quite a drop. One old time regular from
this forum posed this question on my forum. I don't know why its dropped off
here, while on other forums like The Planted Aquarium, Fish Geeks, Aquaria
central and my forums are growing, not declining. I don't mean this to be
critical, I hoped bringing this up might wake up a lot of people who have
been quiet for so long now! Well at least there hasn't been a major flame
fest in a while...

I have been tickled pink to read posts from Karen Randall lately. Its been
to far and in between! :)

Robert Paul Hudson
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