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Update on school pond

Just wanted to update you all on the progress of the elementary school pond.
The galvanized tank (5' diam x 2' tall) was installed with a wire fence
around it planted with a grape vine. I couldn't get access to the ditch or
the pond for mud and so I simply filled the tank with water and

This week I arrived to find an azure pond, with a small drink bottle
floating in it (blue juice?). The water is cloudy enough to just lose sight
of the bottom. I don't know if this is natural bacteria (infusoria?) or
something caused by the pint (or less) of sugared drink. I'm not sure if I
need to get the teachers to bring out the microscopes or hang my head in
sorrow and drain it to begin again.

I am still hoping to gain access to the gated community to get mud from the
pond, although I assume there are fish in that pond. I don't know if a pond
exists here in mosquito country where it is not stocked with fish ASAP. The
ditch may be more natural with more plants and tiny critters. Actually I am
hoping to get a troop of scouts to get the mud, but I've gotten no takers so
far. I'm still wounded from the rock work and so not too eager to drag
buckets of mud to my car.

I can bring a few gallons of water from my own pond, and if that will help I
will. What is it that I'll be adding if I bring water from my pond? Is it
still useful to do this if there is no mud yet?

Any suggestions for books that I ought to be reading on this? I don't have
to know a whole lot about this, just enough to be safe and teach as I learn.
Lower level guides will be most helpful -- high school level or lower will
be enough to satisfy the best of the elementary kids.

Ann V