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APD list posting volume

Folks have been mentioning the volume seems low on the APD.

Well after while of learning, folks know all they want or are willing to
know about keeping plant tanks. Some stick around to haggle over this or
that, some to help new folks etc.

But in the end they get what they need and move on. They are not obligated
to stay and help other new folks.

I tell new folks that are grateful to repay me by helping others. Nice thing
is, most do. So the help might be local, at the LFS, at a club etc, their
neighbor not just someone on the APD.

There are also many more forums/list these days and many of the same or
similar advice is found there. I float around on various list as do many of
the APD crowd.  

Plant Folks learn a good deal through giving advice to new folks. So
changing of the regulars happens but most of them simply move into other
areas.  Writing about plants, AGA, local clubs, achieved a good
understanding of their goals, and there are always the lurkers who learn
from these or past postings.

There are many people out there growing nice tanks these days in NA and
elsewhere. The more there are, the more these same people can show up this
hobby. The hobby has grown and come a good ways since the APD's inception.

Volume of this list in no way indicates the status of the planted hobby here
or elsewhere. There are many more folks these days than 8 years ago.

But the speed and ease which people are able to figure out what they need to
do, execute their desire has increased greatly. This is due to the work
others have done before them.

Many myths were dispelled here through discussion. A few myths still are
around these days but not like back several years ago.

Today there is a far reaching group of people in many areas that are focused
on plant growth/health and design in aquascaping. Local clubs are often very
active for a few years till all the original group has figured out most of
what they need to know to achieve their dream tank and many back off.
All it takes is one person.

Some regular folks get burnt out and float in/out. Folks sometimes need a
break and this is a luxury hobby, other things in life often come first.

Perhaps one of the main things folks should do is get new folks involved,
there are many people that would love a planted tank, but they are scared to
go to a club, ask the LFS, often lurking on the web.....whatever the reason.

I heard about an auction where I could sell my weeds and buy fish cheap!
That was enough motivation. Most folks find it scary to go meet a bunch of
people they don't know, often coming alone since their spouse would squirm
at the mere thought of 2-3 hours of fish/plant talk.

But today is a better time for planted tanks even if there's less discussion
on the basics. 

Folks can go down several paths to their goal with good repeatability. Many
of the how's and why's have been considered and figured out.

For my own:
Over the years I've met some very nice folks and made a number of good
friendships each of us becoming better people as the result. Hard to put a
price on these things:-)

Tom Barr