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Re: Why is list partcipation waning (and Cycling)

Robert H made the observation:

>Now is it just me, or does it seem like the participation on this
>list is the lowest its been in three years? And if Scott and Tom
>stopped posting, there would be half as many messages again!

If I may add a theory...with so many viri/worms floating around right
now (I've seen list members posting several the past weeks) people are
(1) infected and can't do much on the internet
(2) not infected but a bit gun-shy

It doesn't acount for everyone, but it might explain some of the

And to bring this post back into topic again.  I'm about to set up my
75/80 gallon (I swear I've seen it advertised as both, I think
mathematics told me it was about 78 gallons) again.  I do intend to
move mulm from another tank as well as using a filter I've been running
on the other tank as well.  Add the fact that I've got a lot of plants
to spread around, including some fast-growing stems.  It sounds like I
shouldn't be too concerned.

Can I ask one question though:  When should I add a sizable fish load:
right away or gradually?  I've always done it gradually, but that was
when I was actually cycling the tank.

Scott aka beaker

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