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Re: algae on plastic plants

> But, there's a dark algae beginning to collect on my plastic
> plants.  Would you kind souls offer a suggestion as to what I might do to
> deter 
> this algae on these "plants".  I really don't want to have to pull them out
> and 
> scrub them.  Tanks a lot!  Fran
> Growing old is inevitable; growing UP is optional.

I have never had good luck growing plastic plants no matter what fertilizers
I used. So I went to live.
Blacking out the tanks for a few days should do the trick, you can take the
blanket/trash bag whatever you use to cover it at night to look at the
fish/feed etc and do this for a week or so. Copper sulfate works well, some
fish are sensitive to copper but even at low dosages(Perhaps silver
dollars/catfish) certainly, it should kill off most algae.

Tom Barr