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Biggest ever - Northeastern US Shows/Auctions

One Weekend?.Three BIG Shows! NJAS All Species Bowl Show &
Auction, IBC International Betta Show % Auction and IGAF
Championship Guppy show & Auction?all under one roof!!!!!!
Largest fish happening ever in the Northeastern United

General rules and weekend schedule, registration
http://www.njas.net <http://www.njas.net/>

IBC Betta Show entry info:

The North Jersey Aquarium Society will celebrate 50 years of
service to tropical fish hobbyists with a Golden Anniversary
Weekend Extravaganza on September 26 - 28, 2003 at the Four
Points Sheraton in Piscataway, N.J. (800) 325-3535.

This fabulous weekend will feature: 3 completely separate
tropical fish show competitions; 12 expert speakers from all
over the country; 2 forum type panel discussions on feeding
and breeding tropical fish; an all you can eat awards BBQ
Banquet; and 7 different auctions of fish and dry goods
throughout the weekend!

An all-inclusive registration for the weekend, received
before 9/15/03, is $45.00 per person ($65.00 after that
date). Contact us for a fee schedule and more information at
Bob Larsen, 201-664-0128 or bobguppy at msn_com
<mailto:bobguppy at msn_com>  or our website: www.njas.net
<http://www.njas.net> .

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