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Re: Cycling a new planted aquarium....add plants before or after cycling??

I add plants from day one, always have. They reduce the spikes during
cycling and cause less stress on the fish you use to cycle the tank. I used
to always use a couple of hardy fish, fast growing plants and patience to
cycle my tanks. Recently however I have been cycling my tanks without fish,
using fish food only, it's the same as having fish. I've been setting up
some tanks that are not in my house recently and this method has proven a
great advantage for me seeing I use an automatic feeder to add the food and
I don't need to do any testing or water changes during spikes to reduce
stress on any fish, I just come back 3 weeks later to a cycled tank. Takes a
little less than 3 weeks to cycle using this method, either way I would
still use plants unless you decide to go with the true fishless cycling
where you add straight ammonia to the tank, this may harm your plants. I use
around 1.5-2WPG during cycling to avoid algae blooms, I usually only get a
bacterial bloom this way.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio

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Im finding conflicting information regarding setup of new planted aquariums
and would like some clarification.

Basically...when initially setting up a new tank....should I fill it, add
some hardy 'cycling' fish and "Cycle"( or similar bacteria additive) and
wait for the "30 day cycle" to complete before I add plants....OR...do I
plant right after I fill it...then add the hardy fish and bacteria additive?

One source that I found recommended waiting the full 30 days for the tank to
cycle before adding plants, claiming that plants can 'throw off" the cycle

Any clarification appreciated.

Lorenzo Rota