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Re: Nitrates (actually, KH/pH/CO2)

Thanks, Rachel. That was a cute analogy. :-)
Now that I see it, I could kick myself...

I was getting muddled because I was thinking about
how CO2 concentration in water could be affected by
increased kH (it isn't). That's a totally different
issue, one that got my brain tangled up with the very
clear factual explanations from you and Jim.

Sorry for being such a pain about this issue. I want
to make sure I understand it properly before I go
adding baking soda and cranking up the CO2. I'm
absolutely crazy about my fish -- they're treated like
little Gods and I live to serve them -- and it would
break my heart if they were harmed by my stupidity.

- shireen

-- Shireen Gonzaga Baltimore whimbrel at comcast_net