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Re: Water Chemistry Textbook

> I have recently been getting good use of "Chemistryfor Environmental
> Engineering"  Sawyer/McCarty/Parkin McGraw Hill 1994.

Thanks for that specific recommendation. The reason for my original
query is that I've been quite sensitized to textbook problems. For
years, I've been reading about school textbooks containing bad
information. As a result, I never buy a textbook -- school or college
level -- without specific recommendations from an expert in the field.
I'm already confused enough about everything, so I try to avoid getting
even more confused.  :-)

For instance, I work at an astronomical observatory, and recently needed
a good general college-level textbook to refresh my memory. So I emailed
an astronomer who was familiar with astronomy textbooks for a
recommendation, and he responsed with a terrific title (if anyone's
interested, it's Cosmic Perspective by Bennett, Donahue, Schneider,

If you want to get a sense of why I'm so concerned about school
textbooks, have a look at this article in the American Institute of
Physics webpage:

- shireen

Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net