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Re: W/D vs a canister for a 100-125 gal

I don't think you'll get enough from the Ehiem alone. I think
you might consider two good sized canister filters thoug, eithe
rthe Rena, ViaAqua, or the Ehiem. These are all good filters and
all are quiet. 

Since noise is a prime consideration, being next to the bed, I
would recommend two such canister filters. If having enough O2
is a concern, don't over feed, don't over stock. Both of these
lower O2 levels and potenitally a great deal. Having a wet dry
may help should things go sour on you(O2 and heavy feed loads).
But if you keep up on the plants, have a moderate fish load, you
will be fine with either method. 7 _adult_ fish would be fine.
If you cannot help it and have to feed as much as they will eat,
do this only when they are smaller, feed heavy after they are
full grown when you want to breed etc. Some folks do a 2x a week
routine were they change the water 50% twice a week. They dose
their nutrients on this day also. They often don't need to dose
any other time. 
Making the tank easy to do a water change is a wise idea.

Tom Barr 

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