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New Moss

Hi, folks,

A few years ago, I played a part in popularizing the name of a still-to-be identified moss, Christmas Moss. Now, in Singapore, there's a new moss in the market. Unlike the Christmas Moss which hangs down, this new moss grows up. I have a picture of it at:


The moss was tied to the driftwood on the 9th of August, Singapore's National Day. It hasn't quite taken off yet but if you look closely, you can see the fronds growing straight up. For want of a better name, I call it Erect Moss.

While you are there, please pay a visit to my website at "www.killies.com". I have a forum there with a section for "Planted Tanks". Click on the various topics to see more pictures of exotic plants.

Where's James Purchase these days? Just when you thought you don't need the plant police anymore ....... :-)

Loh K L