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RE: Wet/Dry Trickle filter vs Canister Filter

Shane wrtote: 
I am trying to decide on what type of filtration I should get for my 
planted 100-125 gallon discus tank. I am torn between using a Eheim Pro 
2028 Canister filter and a trickle filter. One of my concerns for the 
is noise (The tank will be located in the bedroom). I want something 
that is
very quiet. I know the Eheim canister filters are very quiet. Any 
on how noisy trickle filters are? I would imagine they are very noisy? 
about the Eheim wet/dry canister filter? Anyone know the noise of that?
Besides the noise issue, what would be better to use for the aquarium? 
have generally heard that trickle filters are good for highly stocked 
Are there any disadvantages to a trickle filter?

My Response: 

I have been using TWO Eheim 2217s on a 125 for a while and I could not be happier with the arrangement.  
1.  the filters are ultra quiet and easy to hide.
2. they cost a little over $110 each INCLUDING all media. 
3. two filter provide redundacy in case of failure or to avoid having to change all media at once and risk losing bio. 
4.  filtration coverages and water flow is excellent because you can place inlet/outlets at BOTH ends of a long tank like the 125/150 ) I pull water from the rear corners and return it at the front with the the discharge tube spraying down the inside of the front glass so water movement is down the front glass, accross the bottom and then into the rear corners - outstanding coverage and no significant turbulance. Added bonus - the fish that like to "play" in water current do it right in the front.    
5. maintenance is easy and infrequent (every 2-4 months for my heavily planted tank). 
6. With a foam prefilter, you can place a CO2 reactor on the INLET of one of the filters so that any CO2 bubbles that make it through the reactor will then have to go through the filter media - I get 100" CO2 diffusion. (I tried it without a reactor, but the got some guggling and CO2 bubbles/loss.)
7.  I have never had a siphon/start-up problem, but even if startup was a pain, you do it so seldom.  
Try Bigalsonlone for good prices (I have no affiliation).  
Good luck.   

Jim Stimmel 

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