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Wet/Dry Trickle filter vs Canister Filter



I am trying to decide on what type of filtration I should get for my new
planted 100-125 gallon discus tank. I am torn between using a Eheim Pro II
2028 Canister filter and a trickle filter. One of my concerns for the filter
is noise (The tank will be located in the bedroom). I want something that is
very quiet. I know the Eheim canister filters are very quiet. Any comments
on how noisy trickle filters are? I would imagine they are very noisy? How
about the Eheim wet/dry canister filter? Anyone know the noise of that?
Besides the noise issue, what would be better to use for the aquarium? I
have generally heard that trickle filters are good for highly stocked tanks.
Are there any disadvantages to a trickle filter?


Thanks in Advance!!



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