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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #263

APD> From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com>
APD> Coral chips(don't adjust quickly nor dissolve fast either)

My local fish store sold me a big coral that i have in my 65 gallon
aquarium, i covered it with java moss before it gets covered with
something else. I got a kit to measure my kh. It turns from 1 (tap water)
to 8 °dKH in the aquarium. Don't have a GH kit i don't need it.

Should I take it out? After i introduced the coral i moved my higrophila
corymbosa to a new place and the old leaves began to have small yellow
holes and the old leaves keep falling and falling. I can take a
picture but don't know if it will help.
Could it be a Ca or Mg deficiencies isn't the coral supposed to
give me those. In the krib it says Mg for yellow spots. It is the only
plant with those spots.
Also i have some species of Alternanthera, and all the new leaves grow
small, distorted and dark.

I used to add Mg and Ca but after introducing the coral I stopped.

It's been a 2-3 months since i introduced the coral, and the symptoms didn't
go away, other plants are doing "fine" and i have little algae.

Does this make sense? What should i do?


Diego Carmona