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Aquariumgarden.com -- A+ service


I would like to share an experience I had with a business. I ordered from aquariumgarden's
special plant list about a month or more ago for some plants I did not have at the time:
Cryptcoryne hudoroi, Cryptocoryne pontederifolia, etc. Mostly crypts. :)
Well, just last week the shipment came in, and the owner emailed everyone who had
special ordered saying that the shipment did not come in good shape... that she would not be
shipping the dying plants to us. As compensation, she gave everyone a 5% discount voucher on
our next plant order. But what really touched me is that today, a package from aquariumgarden.com
came in. There was a very neatly titled ziplock bag with Anubias frazeri, Anubias barteri var barteri,
and Java Fern. I didn't think it would be much... but when I opened it I was truly amazed.
A one foot tall Anubias frazeri with about a dozen leaves, an average sized Anubias barteri var barteri,
and a bundle of good sized Java Fern. All were in excellent condition. Now, that is service! :)


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