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Re: W32.Sobig.F virus

I see that messages created by the W32.Sobig.F virus are beginning to appear on the APD. Expect an onslaught. I have a Mac, which can't be infected, but there are a lot of people with infected PC's that have my address in their address files that are sending out copies of the virus as though they came from my address. Please look up this virus at http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32_sobig.f at mm.html

and get rid of it!. This is by far the most disruptive virus I have ever seen. I am getting 2.5 megabytes of attachments daily in about 70 to 80 emails generated by this virus. Any 72K attachemnt with a .pif or a .scr extension is the virus. If you open it, you will be infected! If you are getting email that says you sent files to addresses you never sent things to, then you are not necessarily infected; an infected computer may be "spoofing", by using your address as the sender.

Paul Krombholz in muggy central Mississippi