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Re: Solenoid suggestions

Chris Ferrell asked about : 
> . . . a good source for solenoid valves?  Mine
> doesn't fully cut off
> anymore when closed.  It still lets a few bubbles through
> into the tank when
> closed.  Much less than when open, but it's still a
> problem and could get
> worse.

You could try hooking up a low pressure air hose, opening
the valve and blowing out the pathway.  The valve seat
might simply have a small particle lodged that keeps the
valve from closing properly.  By low pressure, I mean psi
within the range for which the device is rated.  If you're
not sure what the device can withstand or what pressure
your air compressor is operating at, then skip this step
and replace the valve.  Using too much pressure can be

If the valve is actually worn, then it can only get worse
over time.

This ight be a good time to try just runing the CO2 24/7. 
You'll use more gas but the price diff over several years
might be less than the cost of a new solenoid.

Last time I shopped around, which was several months ago, I
found these:

Store           Price      Make
Drs Foster	76	   AB
persolutions	59	aquarium labs-looks like CS Corp's
M3    	        59	no name
aquabotanic	62	Aqualine Buschke (AB)
Custom Aquatic	59
inverts.com	59	AB
marineandreef.com	57	AB

That ought to give you a start.  Prices might have changed
and shipping varies from store to store.

Good luck,
Scott H.

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