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CO2 cylinder

After a series of goofups by my CO2 supplier I was left with an empty 
cylinder and a week wait until another refilled shipment came in. To tide me over he 
gave me a full  5lb fire extinguisher cylinder. I hesitated but went with it. 
When I attached the regulator and opened it up the pressure shot up to 
1800psi! The hair on the back of my neck stood on end, 800 psi is what I usually see 
on a regular CO2 cylinder. The aquarium is in the lobby of a school and the 
CO2 is underneath in a locked cabinet. The kids won't be there for another week. 
Can I use the current extinguisher cylinder until it runs out or should it be 
removed as soon as possible? Safety is my concern. Everything seems to 
functioning OK, the fire extinguisher cylinder is rated to 3000psi


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