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Re: Seeking Dry Trace Mineral Mix

I recently purchased some Plantex CSM from a US firm in Minnesota.  The company is J R Johnson Supply, Inc (800) 328-9221.  They have a web address: http://www.jrjohnson.com/Plantex.htm but you cannot order through the website.  They only sell it in 5 lb or greater quantities.  I hope that this helps.

Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 12:12:36 -0700
From: June & Doug Olberding <jdolb1 at comcast_net>
Subject: seeking dry trace mineral mix

I am out of CSM.
Anybody have some to sell or trade ?  I run couple dozen tanks so looking
for fair amount.
Recommendations and sources for other brands?
Since I am in the area, I looked at Ecotrace from ECO Enterprises in
Seattle. Seemed bit pricey at $16 for 8 oz and couldn't get info on how much
Cu is in it or how much to use to substitute for CSM.
If anybody has used it, I would appreciate any information, experiences etc.

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