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Karen Randall comes to Portland

Pacific Northwest Regional

Aquarium Show and Auction

September 20-21 2003

Greater Portland Aquarium Society


NW Killies


International Betta Congress

Chairperson Dave Fleming

(503) 620-4554

Fax: (503) 657-8465

Mail to GPAS

PO Box 6752

Portland OR 97228-6752

email: info at gpas_org


Karen Randall

Oliver Lucanus

Nevin Aspinwall, PhD

Friday check-in 2-8 pm (register by 9/15)

Public Hours

  Saturday Speaker programs 10-5

GPAS members $10

General Public $20/person age 12+

Sunday 12-5 (Auction-admission is free)

[Fish viewing always free!]

Hospitality Room

On line Entry/Registration

Auction Information & Entry

Please visit our sponsors


Ramada Inn Portland Airport

6221 NE 82nd Ave

Portland OR 97220

(503) 255-6511


Speaker:  Karen Randall

11:00 A.M.   "Setting up and Maintaining a Planted Aquarium"

4:00 P.M.     "Advanced Planted Aquarium"

Karen Randall grew up in a "fishy family" and kept a number of aquariums as
a child.  Since then, her focus has narrowed to concentrate on the set up
and maintenance of planted display aquariums and the propagation of aquatic
plants.  Her articles and photography are regularly seen in Aquarium Fish
Magazine, which also publishes her monthly column, "Sunken Gardens". In
addition she has written for Aquarium Frontiers, Tropical Fish Hobbyist, and
Aquarium Heute, among other magazines both in the U.S. and abroad.   She
serves on the board of the Aquatic Gardeners Association and is editor of
their magazine, The Aquatic Gardener. She lectures frequently, has served as
a consultant on several projects at public aquaria and has twice traveled to
Brazil to study aquatic plants and biotopes in the wild.

Speaker:  Oliver Lucanus

1:00 p.m.   "Apistogrammas & Other South American Dwarf Cichlids"

7:00 p.m.  Banquet "Interesting Imports"

Oliver Lucanus has an interest in all things related to the tropics.  He has
traveled to many countries looking for fish, frogs and adventure. His
photographs are published in more than 15 magazines worldwide.
Belowwater.com, his import company, specializes in new and rare fish from
around the world.

Speaker:  Nevin Aspinwall

2:30 P.M.  "West Africa Killifish"

Nevin Aspinwall has been interested in fish for most of his life.  In 1962
he received a BS degree in Fisheries from the University of Washington.  In
1965, he received a MS degree in Fisheries from the same institution.  For
his masters research he studied the biology of  the Alaskan blackfish, a
small fish endemic to freshwater streams and lakes of Alaska and Siberia.
He received his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in 1968, and
studied reproductive isolating mechanisms in hybridizing minnow populations.
Presently, he is a professor of biology at St. Louis University in St. Louis
where he teaches, among other classes, Ichthyology, Natural History of the
Vertebrates, and Aquatic Ecology. His primary research interest has been
population structure and hybridization in freshwater fish populations.  He
became interested in Killifishes ten year ago.  He lived in Cameroon for
four months in 1998, where he taught at the University of Buea and collected
killifishes from the Cameroonian rainforest. In the summers of 2001 and 2002
he spent one month collecting killifishes in Gabon as part of a study to
examine reproductive isolating mechanisms between closely related species.

7:00 P.M.  Banquet

See you all there! This is the best program to come to Portland since I have
been here!

Robert Paul Hudson