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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #254

Hi folks,I have a question.Ok a few.
I use the Tricker top quality pellets grain water plant food for the pond stock and the tabs.Can I use the Tricker plant food in the clay as I would use for the pond stock?(I have done the powder from the tabs in my one 75 gal tank with the gold fish.)Can I use this with my tropicals?Have you ever tried this? Some of the bigger plant types I don't know if I want to "over Feed" as they will get ready for the stream bed. Is there a real difference in the food as I read the labels they have about the same make up.
My biggest problem is to go smaller.I want the plants to be healthy but,be smaller then in the ponds or greenhouse.This is going to be a larger challenge then I thought.Dear husband said ",yeah hun put in a few plants and make it look nice in the office tanks".Now we are thinking of a wall of tanks just as I am learning how to.I need IDEAS.I have four 75 gal tanks , three 30gal ,four 20 gal and two 10 gal.I need to know which is better to keep the larger on the top,or the mix of tanks .I don't want to climb too high to work the tanks .Eye level is always best but to make a wall how high are your tanks if you have a wall?
Thank you ,PattiAnn at thegordons80 at hotmail_com

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