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Re: personal goals with a planted tank

Hmm...interesting question, Tom. When I first started it was to learn about CO2 injection and all the water chemistry that goes with that. Now I would have to say that I have the following goals:

1) To keep my tank as healthy and happy in the summer as in the midst of the winter. This has mostly to do with skyrocketing temperatures in the summer, which I find increases the algae and slows plant growth.

2) I want to create a tank as beautiful as some of the Amano tanks I have seen. Truly a delight to the eye.

3) I want to aquire some of the more unusual and beautiful plants which I usually cannot find in my local stores. This also means includes limiting my plant selection in my tank to fewer really spectacular ones.

Interestingly enough, I have taken some of the things that I have learned about water chemistry (my initial objective) from this site, and applied it to my Fuchsia growing summer hobby, and I have noticed amazing results! Thank you.

Ed Dumas